Protecting your accounts online

Online Security is a top priority for us.  We take many precautions to protect your account information when you bank with us.  The following measures are in place to guard your accounts.


Our website and online account access are protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. These security measures are in place so that you can be sure that the website is authentic and protected.

Online Banking

Online Banking access requires a multi-factor authentication process which uses a combination of a username, password, and security phrase/image and challenge questions to protect your account. Passwords must be case sensitive, not the same as your account number or username, between 8 and 20 characters long, must contain at least 1 number, must contain only letters and numbers and these special characters ~!@#$%^&?*+=.  Sound complicated?  It is, and it’s exactly what is needed to secure your accounts!

Secure Email

All email you send to the Credit Union of Colorado via our online banking platform is sent securely, protecting your sensitive personal information. When you send us a question, we respond securely — within the secure email section of online banking.  We use this secure email process whenever we send messages containing sensitive information.   

Personal Privacy

The Credit Union of Colorado will never ask you for personal information including any account information or social security number via unsecure email. The Credit Union will also never initiate a call to you asking that you provide any personal information. Click to view our privacy policy.